Recommended Products & Resources

A lot of people ask me where I get some of the different products I use, so I’ve decided to offer them here to save you the trouble of the search. Over the years, I’ve found some outstanding products and/or outstanding sources for them. Those that appear here are those I use myself.

NOTE: You can obviously get to and order products from these sights directly, but I am set up as an affiliate with some of these vendors so if you order through me (and PLEASE DO ;-) I stand to make the big bucks!!!

Here’s my recommended products and resources list:

SuperFoods and Supplements!

On those days when I feel like I need a little something extra, or when I’m traveling, or sometimes just for the heck of it,  I go straight for my superfoods and supplements.  I have tried many over the years and with varying levels of success.  If you’d like to see some of my top choices (I don’t put anything on the list that I haven’t used myself), visit my Healthy Living Amazon Store.


Recommended Health and Nutrition Books and CookbooksRecommended Books!

The food section is always first place I go when visiting a bookstore. I literally have shelves and shelves of them filling my home. Visit my Healthy Living Amazon Store for a few of my top choices for cookbooks as well as other great health and nutrition titles.

Vita-Mix BlendersVita-Mix Blenders!

I use my Vita-Mix Blender EVERYDAY — often more than once. Actually, if I could have only 1 tool in the kitchen this would be it. Simply a GREAT way to jump start your way to feeling fully alive. One easy green juice or in the morning and you’re good to go!


Tooth Soap!

Tooth Soap is the only toothpaste I use. It’s amazing for keeping your teeth healthy. It turns out standard toothpaste is actually NOT good for your teeth. It turns out receding gums are NOT actually something we all can expect to happen as we age. It turns out… you get the idea. Check this out — you’ll be happy you did.

Raw Food World StoreThe Raw Food World!

I get a lot of my raw food / supplies from THE RAW FOOD WORLD. They stock great products and have terrific customer support. Join the Raw Food Revolution.

Get Fresh! Magazine

I LOVE Get Fresh! magazine and the online store. It’s full of accessible, inspirational, information as well as just plain interesting stories from the movers and shakers in the raw food world.


E3 Live

I can’t say enough good things about E3 Live’s brand of products.  I’ve used their women’s health products as well as their natural beauty products.  Whenever I’m feeling a little bit of brain-fog or need some extra energy, E3-Live is generally the first supplement I add to my day!  Fair warning, it doesn’t taste all that good, but the effects are amazing!





HealthForce Nutritionals

I’m a big fan of Health Force Nutritional products.  They are top quality and IMHO heads and tails above many of the other supplement brands out there.  I use their products for cleansing/detoxing.  But the big draw for me is their Vitamineral Green product.  I add it to my green drinks on a regular basis and love the extra kick of high-quality nutrients it provides.







Supplements for a Liver Detox!

I’ve done a liver detox many times and this is my go-to resource for  products when I doing that cleanse.  It’s also a great reliable source for other alternative health products.

Global Healing Center