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What’s wrong with Margarine?

By Debbie Sipowicz | December 23, 2009 | No Comments

So yesterday while at the library, my 8 year old checked out a How-To book on building Gingerbread Houses.  Not an ordinary kids book mind you, this was a book with patterns, pointers, measurements, and extremely detailed instructions for everything…seriously down to the exact piping tip # to use for the garland, roofing, snowmen etc.  In short, WAY too complicated to take on for an afternoon project.  But my 8 year old has never been deterred by mere complications so we tried it anyway.  We built a paper model first, just to see if we could fit it together (on the theory that everything else we could do by looking at pictures).  And that part was a smashing success, so much so that the 2 boys actually argued about who got to keep the paper house…go figure.

Anyway, so now on to the food part…for making the gingerbread, the ingredient list included all the usual suspects, white flour, white sugar, powdered sugar, honey, and to top it all off, and this is the really scary part, margarine. Well I said to myself, we’re not actually going eat this, well ok maybe a little while baking, but basically it is JUST a gingerbread house. READ MORE